Kaiser Hospital in Santa Clara CA 9'x 10' mural.

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Panoramic formal dining room French landscape. 

Beautiful personalized book case surrounded by French designs.

Portion of a large mural. Part realistic and fantacy.

Large curved arch opening 21'x 10'.

Old world facade 6'x 13'.

Old world vineyard views 24"x 36".

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the San Francisco Bay. 5'x 7'.

A customers thoughts 4'x 6'.

Morning sunrise in the vineyards 5'x 8'.

Interior grape vines bursting out of the wall.

Rolling vineyards hills mural with a touch of Jerusalem 7'x 10'.

A French Chateau Powder room with a view.

Door way to the Garden of Eden 7'x 9'.

A cherubs garden French Chateau powder room.

Fantasy mural 4'x 6​'.

Evening scene mural on textured wall 5'x 8'.

Door facade 4'x 8'.  Disguising the vent.

Portion of a panoramic French scene mural 5'x 6'. 

Mini window view 24"x 36".

Panoramic Formal french Dinning room 15'x 18'.

Kaiser Hospital Santa Clara, CA Cardiac mural 9'x 32'.

Kaiser Hospital Santa Clara, CA Cardiac mural 9'x 32.'

​​​​​​​​​Impressionism Realism

"We had Manuel do several murals in our home and we absolutely loved each one. It's such a joy to look at them everyday. They bring us a lot of happiness. Manuel is a pleasure to work with. He's very meticulous and a very good communicator. Manuel always makes sure clients are happy with his work and he always goes above and beyond!"

Leila A. - Atherton, CA

13'x 30' interior mine shaft cave.

5'x 7' vineyard scene painted on exterior stucco wall.