Custom faux stone designs.

Custom faux stone textures and designs.

Customized formal French designs

Customized formal French designs.

Decorative Finishes 

"I have only one problem with hiring Manuel; which of many things to have him create! I was blessed to have him spend a few weeks painting a window to Lake Tahoe into a powder room with no windows, creating the entrance to OZ outside a theater, bringing the heavens into our foyer with clouds and angels on the ceiling, turning my simple wooden columns into beautiful marble that matched our fireplace and bringing the vineyards outside our home into the kitchen. During that time, as he worked and we talked, I found out that talents run deep here. A skilled decorator, a gardener that can create a lush paradise on any patch of dirt, a sculptor and best of all a kind man. I look forward to future projects!"

Susan S. - Pleasanton, CA

Customized wall coverings.

Customized wall coverings.

Decorative faux tiles.

Customized formal French designs.

Customized formal French designs.

Sunset sky with faux molding.

Customized portion of private theater facade.

​Customized ceiling with metalic gold.

Decorative French designs.

Decorative French designs.

Warm clouds and blue sky.


Faux wood of any styles.

Private theater faux marble theater facade.

​Customized formal French designs.

Decorative flora, scroll design and faux.

Decorative Finishes II

Custom Spanish motifs.

Faux marble to go with any decor.

Decorative French design and floral motif.

Faux marble.

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Faux marble or granite of any style. 

Decorative wall fixture designs.