Copyright 2015. Artist Manuel Cruz III. 

All Rights Reserved.


​​​​I aspire to produce stimulating and provocative art that is satisfying for all to treasure and delight in.

When Manuel painted our mural it was simply amazing. He turned our wall into a work of art. Our mural is one of the first things you see as you enter our home and our house guests can't believe the detail and talent that went into our fresco. As an artist  Manuel knows the tricks and techniques when it comes to producing or reproducing a piece of art. This man is freakishly good.

Bart O.

We were so impressed with Manuel's artistic creativity that we had him create murals in four rooms of our new home. They are so realistic that visitors are compelled to feel the surfaces to become convinced they are not three dimensional objects. Manuel is a true gentleman with unbelievable creative talent. His pencil sketches of pets are breathtaking and capture the personality of the subject pet. If we were to build another home Manuel would again be a significant part of the finishing touches. He is the very best.

Hal M.

Manuel is an amazing artist! His attention to detail is unparalleled! I would highly recommend him for any artistic job you need. You will not be disappointed, in fact he surpasses your imagination and desires. If I could, I would continue to have him paint more in my home and business. I have been so excited with the work he has done for me, everyone who sees it loves it! He is professional and pays such attention to detail while being neat and tidy. You would never know he was there, he just leaves a beautiful painting behind!! His personality is sweet, kind and an all around beautiful person inside and out. He won't just be an artist you hired, he will be your friend. I cannot say enough about his work and him!

Jacqueline K.

There are few artists in this world that have such a phenomenal gift of vision and creative talent as Manuel Cruz III does. Manuel is a self-taught prodigy and has an extraordinary ability to capture, in detail, the beauty in everything he sees -- regardless of whether he sees it with his eyes or within the depths of his imagination. When I attempt to explain his work to others, the phrase that comes to mind is "whatever Manuel touches turns to gold."

Susan L

The most wonderful gifted artist has made our home a palace.

Pixie R.

I have had the very fortunate experience of witnessing Manuel do some of his work. I am truly amazed at how effortless he makes it look. Yet, he doesn't miss a single detail and he captures everything with such great precision. I feel even more blessed to own a few of his pieces. Whether it is his paintings, portraits, murals, gardens, or decor, nothing that Manuel does falls short of absolute excellence! There are simply not enough words to describe how impressed I am with his work. I would highly recommend Manuel to anyone who is interested in attaining unique and exceptional, quality art. He is undoubtedly a very remarkable artist, in every sense of the word. 

Tony L