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Stain glass facade with dramatic sky.

Close up of Trompe l'oeil baroque gold frame painted on stucco ceiling.

Powder room with faux walls, beam, cabinets, lemon tree and ivy.

Faux stone curved window with Italian scene. 

​A beautiful view created for an existing window.

Wine cellar facade extension.

Small portion of a large Tuscan mural.

Urn with bouquet of Dahlias.

Sconce with topiary rose and aged stone wall.

Trompe L'oeil urn with flowers.

Old world facade with stone frame and faux walls.

Foyer dome with sunset clouds and cherub.

French window facade and old world faux wall.

Garden box window and faux stone walls.

The shutters that aren't there.

French designs to enhance any wall.

Wrought iron dome with sky and sitting doves.

Panoramic landscape and faux marble with Trompe l'oeil urn of flowers.

A grand foyer with Trompe l'oeil embellishments throughout including faux stone walls.

"Manuel is the most amazing gifted artist! He has done several complex trompe l'oeil projects at our house and they are exquisite! He can paint anything.  He made a family mural for us with our horses (he had never painted horses before) and it came out very realistic. He's very easy to work with and he has become a good friend to our family. I can't recommend him highly enough!! If you would like further references contact Manuel for my phone number and I'd be happy to speak with you."
                                                                                                                                                                                           Rebecca P. - Alamo, CA

Trompe l'oeil II


Tromp L'oeil window with view in existing frame.