16" x 20" "Abalone and friends" Acrylic and glaze.

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5'x 7' Private commission family portrait.  Acrylic and glaze.

16"x 24" "Into the Earth"  Mix medium.

11"x 14" "The last dance"  Acrylic and glaze.

18"x 24" "Into the light"  Acrylic and glaze.

12"x 12" "The wild thing"  Acrylic and glaze.

16"x 30" Private commission.  Acrylic and glaze.

20"x 30" Private commission.  Acrylic and glaze.

12"x 14" "The dancer"  Acrylic and glaze.

24"x 40" "Yosemite Valley"  Acrylic and glaze.

11"x 14" Cherubs on ceiling" Acrylic and glaze.

24"x 36"  "The Palo" Private commission.  Acrylic and glaze.

24"x 36" Portable window with a view.  Acrylic and glaze.

Personal / Custom Art

5"x 7" Mini impressionism landscape.

"I have had the very fortunate experience of witnessing Manuel do some of his work. I am truly amazed at how effortless he makes it look. Yet, he doesn't miss a single detail and he captures everything with such great precision. I feel even more blessed to own a few of his pieces. Whether it is his paintings, portraits, murals, gardens, or decor, nothing that Manuel does falls short of absolute excellence! There are simply not enough words to describe how impressed I am with his work. I would highly recommend Manuel to anyone who is interested in attaining unique and exceptional, quality art. He is undoubtedly a very remarkable artist, in every sense of the word." 

Tony L. - Santa Rosa, CA

36"x 48" Private commission.  Acrylic and glaze.

11"x 14" European angel.  Acrylic and glaze.

36"x 48" "Exit"  Acrylic and glaze.

18"x 30"  Custom order.  Acrylic and glaze.

24"x 36" "V Sattui Winery"  Acrylic and glaze.

36"x 48" Private commission. Acrylic and glaze.

36"x 48" Old world style painted French sign.

5'x 7' Private commission. Acrylic and glaze.

18"x 24" Mix medium.

16"x 24" Portion of a large private commission.  Acrylic and glaze.