This is one of the few topiary gardens I maintained for a number of years and this is the tip of the ice burg.

This 22 ft juniper was the crown jewel of our garden.

The art of topiary

One of my gardening passions is to take on the challenge of growing exotic plants and flowers.

Why clip off dead burnt hydrangea blooms when you can spray paint them and bring them to life again in the colors of your choice?

If it will grow in our garden, I will plant it.

It's all about color, form and texture when it comes to creating our garden.

Wherever I live, I create an environment that is not only pleasing to myself but to everyone passing by.

"These are just a few of the things I do aside from commissioned jobs that people don't know about when it comes to creating in my own world.

I've always had an eye for nature, color and design, plus a drive to turn anything into a work of art.  Whether it be gardening, photography, interior design or discovering a new medium in the art world, I always strive to achieve excellence in everything I do.

Coming from a large family of many talents, I as well get much pleasure in sharing my artistic gifts with others.  If what I do brings a smile to someone, or touches their soul, then I feel I have accomplished what I was put on this planet to do."

          Manuel Cruz III - Los Osos, CA

"There are few artists in this world that have such a phenomenal gift of vision and creative talent as Manuel Cruz III does. Manuel is a self-taught prodigy and has an extraordinary ability to capture, in detail, the beauty in everything he sees -- regardless of whether he sees it with his eyes or within the depths of his imagination. When I attempt to explain his work to others, the phrase that comes to mind is "whatever Manuel touches turns to gold."

Susan L. - Morro Bay, CA



My fearless days

Four more of my clients swirling junipers, just to name a few.

Foliage Creations

I enjoy decorating over-the-top for the holidays.

I so enjoy making a statement during the holidays.

My senior year sculpting in ceramics 1978.


I often look for a different photo opportunity.

When given the opportunity, reflections can add to an interesting photo.

When taking a picture, the placement of my subject is crucial to a great photo.


I'm extremely fond of capturing nature at it's best.

I enjoy finding 2nd hand things and making them beautiful.  This chandelier was a $5 find and I adorned it with crystals.

Frame cross, wire and glass Jesus. 18" tall.

Working in the garden is my therapy in life.

17 succulent and silk wrist corsages. There is a chain of events making these.

AFTER       This was the first house I lived in when I moved from OK to CA 28 years ago.

                 It took 7 years to get a dreadful yard into this lush paradise.


​​​​In our home

In high school I threw pottery on the wheel non stop. I always made more than I could glaze, so I would give pieces to other students.

My partner says "Sometimes less is more.

If there is an opportunity to pop with color, I go for it.

I always look for my subjects to be interesting and colorful.

Smartphones today allow one to create much more depth and color to any photo.


Click on photo

I once was a sky rise window cleaner and dared my self to go out on this ledge 8 stories up.

Standing on a Grand Canyon Plato.

Anyone who knows about roses should have an idea of how long it took me to create this 4 tear miniature topiary rose tree.

I started this 13 ft juniper from two small one gallon shrubs. It took 7 years to connect them with the crown.

Succulents and silk bridal bouquet.

A revolving succulent wedding cake.

Our tree is a candy land theme and full of happiness!

I dabble in interior design and often surround my self with color!

Ceramics have always been a passion of mine.


The oleander shrubs between homes needed curb appeal.

These two 12 ft juniper topiarie's were rescued from death for only $15 each!  It only took a couple of years to bring them back to life.

Giant 4 ft round silk floral arrangement. I have always enjoyed making floral arrangements.

Succulents and silk bridal bouquet.

Misc. Crafts

Something most people don't know about me is that I use to think I was invincible.  That's me on the top corner of this building in OKC.

My once in a life time opportunity!

This 12 ft tall "Garden of Eden"topiary started from 2 seeds 25 years ago.

A 36" redwood slab with attached pots.