"Manuel painted a breathtaking mural on our family room wall. It is picture PERFECT! He arrived on time each morning with a smile on his face. He protected the work area with a drop cloth and tidied up each evening when he left. I would highly recommend Manuel. Not only is he   a great muralist but a super nice guy too! "

                                                                           Patti M. - Clayton, CA

Grizzly in the woods.

Welcome to my tree house.

Angels in the sky.

"Kitty Kitty" Painted on mason brick wall.  

SPCA Richmond, VA

Jack in the bean stalk.

Children's Themes II

A party of fruits and veggies. Carpo's restaurant, Soquel, CA

Children's Themes

Carpo's restaurant mural 5'x 5' portion, Soquel CA

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